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High content of Omega3 that benefits all kinds of health issues that arise from unbalanced diet in the modern era.

Why Is Omega-3 The Hottest Health Craze Today?

More People have heard of the health benefits of Omega-3. Knowing essential fatty acids is the new leader in the health world, you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle built on naturalness by eating healthier. It’s easy and convenient.

Enter the lifestyle & Simply the best choice!


Enter the lifestyle & Simply the best choice!

Sacha Inchi Oil

A High Quality Superfood

Natural Ecological Cultivation

Fertilizer Free

Pesticide Free

GMO Free

Rich in Omega 3 (43%)

Rich in Vitamin E

High Unsaturated Fatty Acid (93%)

Contain Natural Phytosterol

Trans Fat Free

Advanced Cold Press Technology @ 40 degree C

Low Acid Value

Codex Alimentarius Compliance


Halal Certified

MYR 10,000,000 Product Liability Insurance

Superfoods set you up for lifelong good health. Our bodies needs healthy fat! It’s not just any kind of fat that leads to health problems. IT IS THE WRONG KIND OF FAT. Certain healthy fats are essential, which is why they’re called “essential” fatty acids. Our body can’t manufacture essential fats, so they must be consumed through diet.

Sacha Inchi Oil has an amazing high Omega-3 content (polyunsaturated fatty acids), it can help to alleviate many modern health issues arising from the result of modern unbalanced diet. Our bodies cannot synthesis essential fatty acids on its own, as it has to be absorbed through diet, thus Sacha Inchi Oil is an excellent supplementary food for everyone.

Some Benefits of Sacha Inchi Oil:
Lower down High Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugar and High Cholesterol 降三高(高血压,高血糖,高胆固醇)
Build Up Immune System 提升免疫力
Reduces Nasal Allergies 改善鼻子敏感问题
Prevents Arthritis 预防与补助缓解关节炎
Improves Fertility 提高生育能力
Prevents Osteoporosis 预防骨骼疏松症
Prevents Constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome 预防便秘和肠胃综合症
Healthier Skin 促进皮肤健康
Improves Vision 减缓视力退化
Keep Cells Healthy 预防细胞病变
Reduces Symptom of Menopause 减缓更年期与经前综合症
Prevent Kidney and Urinary Diseases 预防肾脏与尿科疾病
Improves Brain Function, Memory and Concentration 促进婴儿脑部发育,增强记忆力和专注力
Increases Metabolism, Fats Burn and Weight Loss 促进新陈代谢,燃烧脂肪

Main Ingredients
100% Incha Oil (Sacha Inchi Oil), Natural Cold-Pressed
Sachets or Bottled available
– 85x3ml Sachets
– 50mlx5 Bottles

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Promote Healthy Joints 促进关节健康

Omega 3 promotes flexible and comfortable joints. Helps inflammation of the joint and pain due to the arthritis effect.

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Promote Restful Sleep 改善睡眠

Omega 3 may help support & promote restful sleep quality. It can help you to fall asleep more quicker and have a better sleep.

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Maintain Eye Health 保持眼睛健康

Omega 3 may maintain eye health & reduce age-related muscular degeneration as well as support healthy vision.

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Promote Healthy Mood Balance 促进健康的情绪平衡

Omega 3 may promote healthy mood balance and help mood disorders. People with mood issues appear to have less.

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Relieve Constipation 缓解便秘

Omega 3 fatty acids help lubricate intestines; reduce inflammation that can be caused due to prolonged constipation.

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Promote Brain Health 促进大脑健康

Omega 3 promotes memory & cognitive function. Support blood circulation to the brain. Support cognitive brain functions.

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For Healthy Blood Cholesterol Level 维持健康的胆固醇水平

Omega 3 helps for healthy blood cholesterol levels and cholesterol lipid levels within a healthy range.

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Assist ADHD 注意力缺陷

Omega 3 has shown to improve perceived hyperactivity, inattention, impulsiveness, & aggression in children.

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For A Healthy Heart 帮助心脏健康

Omega3 support cardiovascular health associated with heart disease. Studies show people who eat fish have lower rates of heart disease.

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