Distinguish Bad & Good Oil

Most people know only know animal oils and vegetable oils, some use the term like saturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids, and polyunsaturated fatty acids to distinguish them.  我们在吃的食用油,多数人会将它们简单分为动物油和植物油,也有人喜欢用饱和脂肪酸、单元不饱和脂肪酸、多元不饱和脂肪酸来区分。

Which Oil Is Healthier?

What nature has created is good. Therefore, Eskimos, French, and Mediterranean people eat a high-oil diet.

However, human beings are clever and invented the hydrogenation method to tamper with the molecular structure of oils and fats, and refined through artificial additives, refining, hot-pressing, and chemical extraction to create oils that have never existed in nature and also formed modern diseases.
但是,人类自作聪明,发明氢化的方法篡改油脂分子结构,还有透过人工添加物、精製 、热压法 、化学萃取的方式提炼,创造了自然界从未存在过的油脂,也形成了现代疾病的主因之一。


benefits of good oilGood Oil Are As Follow:

Not afraid of cold: Pour the oil into the ice water and stir. If the oil remains intact, it is good oil, otherwise it will solidify.
不怕冷 : 把油倒入冰水中搅拌,油还是保持原状则是好油,反之会凝固。

Taste: Virgin and unrefined vegetable oil should retain its original and strong special flavor.

Validity period: One of the characteristics of good oil is that it has a short validity period.
有效期限 :好油有一个特点,那就是有效期限短,容易腐坏。

Afraid of heat: Good oils are not resistant to high temperature frying. If it exceeds the smoke point, it may cause carcinogens.
怕热 :好油都不耐高温炒炸,冒烟点相对的低。任何的油如果用错烹调方法、超过冒烟点,就可能会产生致癌物。

Most people will panic and think that they have eaten bad oil for so many years, you can start today.  Let’s start from today! Choose to take more good oil from now on, and then gradually metabolize the bad oil.  看到这裡,也许很多人会心生恐慌,心想都已经吃那麽多年了,还有救吗?当然有,只要从现在开始吃好油,然后逐渐把坏油代谢掉就可以了。