DIY Online Order (Malaysia)

Step-by-Step DIY Online Order (SGD for Malaysian Member)


1. LOGIN your Member Account e.g. MY0909744, Password 67xx2G

2. Click ‘WALLET’ to check if enough $ in your BONUS WALLET OR E WALLET

3. Before purchase any item, sufficient $ is needed to be TOP-UP to your account’s E Wallet.

4**. You can either purchase using Credit Card (SEE BELOW) OR Bank transfer to Sachaway Sdn Bhd to Public Bank Account 3199862020

5. Once done, please snap a copy of your Bank Receipt (Please write down your Member account).

6. Next, send your receipt to Inchaway’s Staff-In-Charge to this Whatsapp Mobile No: +60 14-616 0978

7. Please wait a while for the office staff to do the necessary verification and TOP-UP to your account.

8. You will be informed when the TopUp is done & transferred.

9. LOGIN to your Member Account to check if it’s done and in order.

10. Next go to Click SALES – go to MAINTAIN and start to order your item.

4** Go to WALLET to Top-UP if using Credit Card for purchase.
Look for MEMBER E WALLET TOPUP, CLick to enter page.
Enter the amount to remit to your e wallet, payment select Visa/Master

If in doubt, please whatapp hp: (65) 8182 3325








4.您可以选择银行转账或直接用信用卡购买,如转账请转到 Sachaway Sdn Bhd 的 Public Bank 帐户: 3199862020



6.接下来,将您的收据发送至Inchaway的负责人,并将其发送至此Whatsapp Mobile:+60 14-616 0978





4 **如果使用信用卡购买,请转到电子钱包充值。
输入要汇入您的电子钱包的金额,请选择Visa / Master

如有疑问,请致电whatapp hp:(65)8182 3325