BOOSTER 8 SuperFood for Life

BOOSTER 8 gives you full vitality from 2 years old to 108 years old, accompanying the growth of every healthy cell one step at a time.

Patented ingredient with #100 years of history —– Fulvic ionic mineral complex, Sulforaphane from cruciferous vegetable family, high reducing power hydrogen molecules and other high quality herbal extracts.

Through scientific research, they can [penetrate], [detoxify], [strengthen] and [protect] cells.

Throughout our lives, we strive to consume a large amount of nutrition, but how much of the nutrients we consume can actually be absorbed by our cells.

BOOSTER 8 contains nutrients from various herbal extracts, mainly hydrogen molecules, broccoli sprout fulvic acid, wheat grass, barley grass, kale, sesame lignans, tiger milk mushroom, vitamin D3 , contains high levels of health-promoting compounds.

These bioactive compounds, such as Glucosinolate, isothiocyanates, Sesamin, beta-glucans, and several types of vitamins and minerals, make it a functional superfood for post-pandemic care. The high antioxidant properties of these compounds help to build and strengthen the all-round immune system, thus promoting rapid post-pandemic recovery.

It is highly bioavailable because of its unique ability to penetrate cell membranes and deliver nutrients directly into the cellular structure for maximum absorption. It is also a nanomolecule that penetrates, feeds, enhances and protects all cells.

When toxins are present in the cells, ionic minerals can detoxify the cells by attracting/binding them and eventually removing them from the body.


Special Features of BOOSTER 8:
✅King of Alkaline Foods between pH 9
✅High reducing power between -400 and -500
✅Rich in hydrogen molecules between 800 – 1400 ppb
✅Boosts mitochondrial metabolism up to 23.7%
✅Contains up to 65 minerals


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