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Why Is Omega-3 The Hottest Health Craze Today?

A few years ago, not many people heard of the health benefits of Omega-3.  Now essential fatty acids is the new leader in the health world.

At SachaInchiOilSingapore.com, Contact Hp: 8182 3325, we’re people just like you, concerned for the health of our families.

We are passionate about the amazing benefits that come with consuming OMEGA 3.


Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle Built on Naturalness, Eat Healthier, Easy and Convenient.


Omega 3 helps stave off age-related skin thinness and dryness. Giving skin its plump, healthy appearance from within.

Improve Sleep

Omega 3 may improve sleep quality as well as quantity in adults. It can help fall asleep more quicker and sleep better.

Lower Cholesterol

Omega 3 helps lower triglycerides levels and also keep your cholesterol lipid levels within a healthy range.

Joint Health

Omega 3 promotes flexible and comfortable joints. Effective on eliminating inflammation and joint pain due to the arthritis effect.

Heart Health

Omega 3 can help reduce risks associated with heart disease. Studies show people who eat more fish have lower rates of heart disease.

Eye Health

Omega 3 may improve eye health & reduce age-related Muscular degeneration as well as risk for eye diseases.

Depression / Anxiety

Omega 3 may improve the symptoms of depression & anxiety. People with major depression appear to have less.

Brain Health

Omega 3 improves memory & cognitive function. Slow down onset of age-related brain disorders such as dementia & Alzheimer’s disease.


Omega 3 fatty acids help lubricate intestines; reduce inflammation that can be caused due to prolonged constipation.


Omega 3 has shown to improve perceived hyperactivity, inattention, impulsiveness, & aggression in children.

Sacha Inchi Oil

As human bodies cannot produce or synthesize essential fatty acids on their own, the essential fatty acids have to be absorbed through diet. A common suggestion is taking fish oil. Sacha Inchi Oil has a very high content of Omega-3 (polyunsaturated fatty acids) thus makes it an excellent supplementary food.


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